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Summer cottages by the lake Puruvesi


Muikkula is a small family owned lakeside lodging site in Kerimäki, Savonlinna. The cottages are located in the scenic lakeside landscape by the lake Puruvesi. Lake Puruvesi is famous for its crystal clear water and tasty national delicacy vendace, "muikku" in Finnish.

The cabins are simple but have all the essentials you may need for a summer holiday by the lake. All the cabins have their own sauna and shoreline, a rowing boat, running hot water, and electricity. 

Welcome to enjoy cosy and genuine cottage life in pure Finnish nature at Muikkula! 

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Muikkula locates 42-minute drive away from Savonlinna and 23 minutes from Kerimäki. The nearest grocery is 12 km away. Muikkula has excellent location for visiting attractions around lake Puruvesi and Savonlinna region. The picturesque Punkaharju ridge area, medieval Olavinlinna castle, and the beautiful world's biggest wooden church in Kerimäki are great day trip destinations from Muikkula.


Kerimäki  27 km

Savonlinna 50 km

Punkaharju 50 km

Joensuu 100 km

Lappeenranta 170 km

Helsinki 380 km

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Pihlajaniemenkylätie 732

58200 Kerimäki, Savonlinna



Our retro cottages lie on a shoreline of crystal clear lake Puruvesi. Cottages were built in the 70's by our family from the wood from our own forest. Today they provide a genuine atmosphere in unspoiled Finnish nature for a magical summer holiday. Muikkula is a great place for a silent retreat by the lake, for a family holiday or a place for a group get-together. Animal friends are always welcome!

Find your cabin!

1-2 persons

500 €/week or 80 €/day

Cosy log cabin is perfect for two people retreat by the lake

4 persons

550€/week or 90€/day

Lakeside cabin suits for a summer holiday by the lake for families, friends and couples

4 persons

770€/week or 120€/day

Spacious lakeside cabin in a picturesque spot for relaxing sauna moments

1-2 persons

500€/week or 80€/day

Little lakeside cabin is compact but well equipped for an idyllic get-away by the lake



Rent Muikkula for gathering up with friends, relatives or any other group!

Muikkula has great facilities for group gatherings. By the premises you will find a tennis-, football- and volleyball courts. We will also offer a long table with a tent for dinners in outdoors. 

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