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Here you can find some basic information about the accommodation and activities in Muikkula, and our local recommendations at Savonlinna region​


  • The cabin is reserved for you from 3pm on your arrival day to 12am on your departure day

  • You can bring your own bed linens and towels or you can rent them from us (10€/person)

  • We are asking the visitors to clean the cabin before leaving Muikkula. If the cabin is left without the final cleaning, Muikkula has the right to invoice the visitor 50 €. You can also buy the final cleaning before your departure day with a cost of 40€.


  • Visitors are free to use our volleyball, football, and tennis courts. You can find sport equipments and holiday reading from a warehouse near the courts.

  • We also have a few bikes that customers can borrow

  • In Pihlajaniemi you can pick berries and mushrooms, fish and roam in the nature freely. It's called the every-mans-right, which means that everybody has access to enjoy the nature respectfully.


  • Puruvesi is an excellent lake for fishing and Muikkula has always been popular among fishermen due to its location. There is also a fish hatchery, smoking and freezing facilities in Muikkula.

  • Each cottage has its own rowing boat. Muikkula does not rent outboard motors, but you can attach your own small motor to the rowing boat at your own risk. 

  • Remember to take care of the statutory fishery management fee if you are between 18 and 64 years old and you are fishing with lure or gear or crabs. Angling is free. You can easily purchase the fish management fee from R-kioski. The nearest R-kioski is located in the center of Kerimäki.


From Muikkula, it is easy to make day trips to the Puruvesi and Savonlinna regions. We have listed our recommendations for vacationing in the surrounding area:

Linnasaari lagoon

Right towards Muikkula locates an amazing Linnasaari lagoon. Linnasaari is a beautiful place to visit. There are three natural harbors in Linnasaari. Harbor on the other side of the lagoon have a wooden shed, a barbecue shelter, and a toilet. The other two harbors have campfire sites.

Punkaharju Harjutie

The picturesque ridge road has been described as a "natural amusement park". The route around lake Puruvesi from Muikkula to Punkaharju is  amazingly scenic, especially at the sunset.

The world's largest wooden church in Kerimäki

The wooden church of Kerimäki is gorgeus on the outside and beautiful on the inside. On the same trip, stop by the local's favourite Café Kaivopirtti for an ice cream. In Kerimäki, you should also take care of any bigger cottage grocery shopping!

Olavinlinna in Savonlinna

The medieval Olavinlinna is a historically significant and interesting attraction that is worth experiencing. The internationally famous Savonlinna Opera Festival is held at the unique premises of the castle every summer. 

Local food scene

The charming market place in the harbour of Savonlinna is in the heart of the local food scene. Enjoy coffee and lörtsy like a local and find other delicacies, like kalakukko, from the market stalls of local bakeries. The best muikku meals are served at the market too. We also recommend a walk to a beautiful pancake café in Kalliolinna and the promenade from the market place to Olavi's Castle. By the promenade you will find great restaurants to have dinner and enjoy the view to the lake. Also enjoy on the spot or take-away with you to Muikkula local beer from Mustanvirran Panimo and Huvila restaurant. 

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